radio massacre international


The following is a list of each studio session and public appearance by the band to date. Those interested enough can see which tracks ended up where and the reason why we figured the private release series to be a good idea...

14/11/15Concert: B-Wave Festival, Muze, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
17/10/15Concert: Awakenings, Paget High School, Burton-on-Trent
15-16/10/15LP Studios, Stockport
01/02/14Writing Session (Gary/Steve)
19/05/13Radio Co-Host (Star's End): WXPN Radio Studios, Philadelphia
18/05/13Concert: The Gatherings, St Mary's Church, Philadelphia
17/05/13Radio Session (Echoes): Chester Springs, USA
16/05/13Concert: Gagliarchives, Cyndee and Jeff's Living Room, Trevose
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
15/05/13Concert: Music With Space, Room 141, Best Western Hotel, Philadelphia
20/04/13Concert: St Clements Church, Chorlton
17-20/04/13Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
20/10/12Concert: Awakenings, Paget High School, Burton On Trent
17-19/10/12Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
28/04/12Concert: E-Day, The Enck Theatre, Oirschot, Netherlands (SD)
14/04/12Concert: Awakenings, Paget High School, Burton On Trent (SD)
07/05/11Concert: St Clement's Church, Chorlton, Manchester
Note: This concert has been released on DVD.
16-18/04/11Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
26-28/03/11Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
18/04/10Concert: Orion Sound Studios, Baltimore, USA
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
17/04/10Concert: The Gatherings, St Mary's Church, Philadelphia, USA
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
15/04/10Radio Session (Gagliarchives): Cherubini Arts Centre, Burlington, USA
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
4/04/10Radio Session (Star's End): WXPN Radio Studios, Philadelphia, USA
13/04/10Radio Session (Echoes): Chester Springs, USA
13/03/10Concert: Awakenings, Paget High School, Burton On Trent (Guests: The Paget Dancers)
05-07/03/10Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
28/02/10 (SD)Radio Co-Host (Star's End): WXPN Radio Studios, Philadelphia, USA
27/02/10 (SD)Radio Interview (Gagliarchives): Burlington County College, Pemberton, USA
25/02/10 (SD)Radio Interview/Session (Galactic Travels): WDIY Radio Studios, Bethlehem, USA
31/10/09Concert: Hampshire Jam, Millenium Hall, Liphook (w/Martin Archer)
11/10/09Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport (w/Martin Archer)
00/06/09Telecottage Studios, Sheffield ('Time and Motion' overdubs w/Martin Archer)
22-24/05/09Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport ('Time and Motion' sessions)
20-22/02/09Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport ('Time and Motion' sessions w/Martin Archer)
11/10/08Concert: E-LIVE, T/U Auditorium, University Of Eindhoven, Netherlands (w/ Martin Archer)
Setlist: Veritable Petite-Beurre / Jct 31 Is Vandaag Gesloten / U Bevindt Zich Hier
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
26-28/09/08Greenhouse, Rehearsal Studios Stockport E-Live Preparation (w/ Martin Archer)
22/06/08Concert: NEARfest 2008, Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, PA (w/Cyndee Lee Rule & Premik Russell Tubbs)
Setlist: Tranche 1 (So It Goes / Ambient Bob / Sequencer Improv / Shut Up / Syd) / Tranche 2 (E-Piano & AKS / Organ Harvest / Emissaries Theme) / Tranche 3 (Better Days / Geiger) / Finale (A Minute Of Silence)
19/06/08Concert: Galactic Travels, WDIY FM, Bethlehem, PA
Note: This performance has been released via Bandcamp.
31/05 - 01/06/08Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport NFX Preparation
02-05/05/08Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport NFX Preparation
18-20/04/08Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport NFX Preparation
15-18/2/08Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport:
'City 21' Soundtrack Recording
18/11/07Concert: Orion Sound Studios, Baltimore Maryland (w/Cyndee Lee Rule & Premik Russell Tubbs)
17/11/07Concert: The Gatherings, St Mary's Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (w/Cyndee Lee Rule)
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
16/11/07Concert: Chester Springs, PA (Echoes Radio Session)
15/11/07Concert: WBCC Radio, Pemberton, NJ (Gagliarchives Radio Session) (w/ Cyndee Lee Rule)
14/11/07Concert: WXPN Radio, Philadelpha (Star's End Radio Session)
Note: this session has been released on CD.
20-22/10/07Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
1/9/07Concert: Y Theatre, Leicester (w/ Martin Archer)
17-19/8/07Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
10-12/8/07Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
16-17/02/07Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport:
Rain Falls In Grey Overdubs w/ Martin Archer
1-4/02/07Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport:
The Glorious Greenhouse Riff
17/11/06Concert: Boardwalk, Sheffield (w/ Damo Suzuki, Martin Archer & Jonny Dinsdale)
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
13-15/07/06Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Rain Falls In Grey Parts 1 & 2
15/05/06Concert: Northern Echo ('Echoes Living Room Concert' Radio session & Interview)
25/03/06Concert: National Space Centre, Leicester (w/Ian Boddy)
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
03-05/03/06Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Gig prep
Septentrional Overdubs w/Ian Boddy
12/11/05Concert: Hampshire Jam, Millenium Hall, Liphook
09-10/11/05Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Gig prep
Bett'rr Day-s
11/06/05SD Interviews Phil Derby/Tom Gagliardi
10/06/05Concert: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Note: This concert has been released on CD-R.
09/06/05Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
(The Blacker Album)
02/04/05Concert: National Space Centre, Leicester
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
31/3/05-1/4/05Greenhouse (Gig prep)
28-29/11/04Northern Echo (Septentrional pieces)
18-19/09/04Northern Echo (Emissaries main pieces)
09/05/04Concert: WXPN Radio, Philadelphia
2 Hour Live Improvisation
08/05/04Concert: The Gatherings, St Mary's Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Set 1: I
Set 2: I, II, III
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
14/03/04Concert: Night and Day, Manchester (with Damo Suzuki and Jay Taylor)
Set 1: I (R.M.I. only)
Set 2: I, II, III, IV, V
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
13/03/04Concert: National Space Centre, Leicester
Set 1: I, II, III
Set 2: I, II, III
10-12/03/04Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
5 x Guitar, Bass Drums jams (Antidote), Damo, Mother Sky (just in case), Various Improvs
08/02/04'Space Junk' Radio Finland (Host Jukka Mikkola)
Interview and Live Set From Virtaa Arts Festival
31/01/04Concert: Virtaa Arts Festival, Espoon Kutuuriskeskus, Tapiola, Finland
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
28/01/04Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Improvs incl. Jaquesfolded
Note: This has been released on CD.
27/09/03Concert: E-Live, TU Auditorium, Eindhoven
Setlist: Signature Of Selective Sweep, Neurological Proteins Aren't Enriched For Repetitive Sequences, A Sequence Based Genetic Map Of Medicago Truncatula, Geiger, Damo, Nucleotide Diversities, Decomposing Multi-Locus Linkage Disequilibrium, God Of Electricity
Note: this concert has been released on CD.
06-08/09/03Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Various Jams, Improvs, Republic, Damo, Geiger, Acoustic God Of Electricity
26/04/03Concert: National Space Center, Leicester
Set 1 : Wrecks, Falling Off The Captain's Log, In A Not Silent Way
Set 2 : Bring Me The Picture Of Yuri Gagrin, 23 Craters Full Of Some Sort Of Moon Dust, God Of Electricity, 2:4, Slide Song, Star's End
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
20/04/03Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Born To Go, Slide Song (Takes), A100, Black Cloud, God Of Electricity (Takes), F In The Dark
19/04/03Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Apollo Repeater, Africa, Wrecks, Weather Report #2, Falling Off A Bike, Magnu
18/04/03Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Weather Report, Slide Song (Takes), Slow Seq Improv in A, GBD, Chromatic Odyssey
17/11/02Concert: WXPN Radio, Philadelpha (2:00am - 4:30am)
Setlist: Embers
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
16/11/02Interview with John Garaguso 'Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio', Best Western Hotel, Philadelphia
Concert: The Gatherings, St Mary's Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Setlist: Set 1: Wrecks, I Knew We Were In Trouble When They Taught The Machines To Talk
Set 2: Delaware Horseshoe Crab, International Mass, Rock The House, Rainy Day Song
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
10/11/02Concert: Radio KXLU, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California
Have It! Er..
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
09/11/02Concert: ProgWest, Seely Mudd Auditorium, Claremont, California
Wrecks, Frozen North II, Black Cloud Over Claremont, Loneliness Of The Long Distance Drummer, Rainy Day Song, Quiet In C, God Of Electricity, A Minute's Silence
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
08/11/02Room 149, The Inn, Claremont, California (Ants In My Room)
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
26-27/10/02Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Black Cloud, Pipe, GBD1, GBD2, C Seq Improv, Crossing In The Distance, 3am At The Edge Of The Village In Claremont Waiting For A Train That Never Came (Plus Takes of: G of E, Frozen North 2, Wrecks, A Minute's Silence)
27-29/09/02Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Shed Of Light Parts 1 & 2, Osmosis, Cold Soup, Plasmolysis, God Of Electricity (Slight Return), Not Too Long
10-11/08/02Improvisations 1-6
03/08/02Improvisations 1-3
27/10/01Concert: Hampshire Jam, Millenium Hall, Liphook
25/10/01Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
24/10/01Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
23/10/01Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
22/10/01Note: Duncan & Gary Only
Guitar overdubs on 19/04/01
19/04/01Note: Duncan & Steve Only
Planets In The Wires
13/04/01Note: Duncan & Steve Only
Friday the 13th Part 1
Friday 13th Part 2
10/03/01Note: Duncan Only
Wrecks (Radio Edit Remix)
11/02/01Note: Duncan Only
Rainy Day Song (Live) (Radio Edit/Remix)
30/12/00Note: Duncan Only
Action Painting (Radio Edit/Remix)
21/10/00Note: Duncan & Gary Only
#1 Untitled
#2 Untitled
#3 Untitled
25/03/00Concert: Theater 3-in-1, Huizen, Netherlands, Alfa Centuri
11/03/00(am) Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
Concert: Jodrell Bank Planetarium, Cheshire
10/03/00Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
09/03/00Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Stockport
23/10/99#1 Untitled
#2 Untitled
22/10/99Maelstrom (Part 1 0'00"-25')
#2 Untitled
07/10/99Jodrell Bank Interview w/Kevin McCloud 'Don't Look Down' BBC2 TV
24/07/99Note: Duncan & Gary Only
Remake of #3 23/07/99
Zabs is 19 and Steve's Not Here
23/07/99Maelstrom (Part 1 25'-28'30")(aka Jordan)
Maelstrom (Part 2)
#3 Unusable
17/05/98Concert: October Gallery
15/05/98October Gallery Prep
28/03/98Rite of Spring
Blakey Ridge
07/02/98Borrowed Atoms
30 Years
Measure Acre
11/10/97Concert: De Vereeniging, Nijmegen-Klemdag 97
10/10/97Klemdag Prep
09/10/97Klemdag Prep
04/10/97Klemdag Prep
Plastered In Paris
Mrs E
30/08/97Concert: Jodrell Bank Planetarium, Cheshire
29/08/97Jodrell Bank Prep
02/08/97(Untitled and unusable)
04/07/97Concert: Rheingold, Oxford St-Kosmische Club
20/06/97Cathedral Floor
Who's got a new Notron then?
30/05/97Concert: Cafe Gigi, Willesden Green
26/04/97Last Under Right 1 & 2
09/02/97Concert: October Gallery
Note: This concert has been released on CD.
08/02/97October Gallery Prep
07/02/97October Gallery Prep (Geiger, Organ Harvest, Fire & Monster)
26/01/97October Gallery Prep (Rainy Day Song)
25/01/97October Gallery Prep
03/11/96BBC Derby interview broadcast
08/10/96Specific Coast Highway (Sampled Guitar overdubs)
14/09/96BBC Derby interview recorded
01/09/96Lifecycle of a Frog
31/08/96Fire and the Monster
29/08/96The Face In The Ether
10/08/96Prototypes and Patents
Note: This concert has been released on Bandcamp.
Devastating Analogue Set By Mark Jenkins
19/06/96Specific Coast Highway
18/05/96Concert: Jodrell Bank Planetarium, Cheshire
17/05/96Concert: MTV Broadcast
10/05/96Concert: MTV Studio Recording
09/05/96MTV Prep Ha'Penny Bridge
08/05/96MTV Prep Frozen North 2
07/05/96MTV Prep Frozen North 2
17/04/96Interview with Cecil Watusi WNK FM
22/03/96(Nothing Usable)
21/03/96Monstrous Tides
02/03/96Concert: The Bull And Gate, Kentish Town
01/03/96Gig Prep
14/02/96World Service Pop Short Broadcast
04/02/96Live Phone Interview Chuck Van Zyl WXPN Philadelphia
17/12/95Gig Prep
Concert: The Garage, Highbury
10/12/95BBC Derby Soundscapes Session TX Republic
03/12/95BBC Derby Soundscapes Session TX Raw Cane Approach
17/11/95Radio Music Inter.m,i.ssion
12/11/95Hells Bells 1-2
Gone West Again
Smoke 'em If You Got 'em
Note: This concert has been released on Bandcamp.
10/11/95Labyrinth Parts 1-3
29/10/95Interview with Jason Hopkins Voyager
28/10/95Drum Pad Experiments (Nothing Usable)
25/10/95Interview with Alan Rowett BBC World Service
15/10/95Quarry Overdubs (abandoned)
08/10/95BBC Derby Soundscapes Interview Broadcast
Dragged Down By The Stone
02/09/95Interview with Ashley Franklin BBC Derby
02/09/95Concert: Emma Festival, Octagon, Sheffield
12/08/95A Minute's Silence Rehearsals
06/08/95Raw Cane Approach
20/07/95Frozen North Part 4 Overdubs
30/06/95Satellite (not usable due to alchoholic intoxication)
26/04/95Send Off
16/03/95Concert: The Monarch, Camden
16/03/95Gig preparation - Adrenalin
23/02/95Desert Storm 2222
23/01/95Frozen North Part 3 (Small Frozen North)
30/11/94Retina Flood
29/11/94Organ Harvest
28/11/94Burned & Frozen
22/11/94Frozen North Part 2
18/11/94Concert: October Gallery, Holborn
14/11/94Frozen North Part 4
23/10/94Frozen North Part 1
15/10/94VH-1 Titles
08/09/94God of Electricity Overdubs
God of Electricity Overdubs
30/08/94God of Electricity Overdubs (abandoned)
18/08/94God of Electricity Overdubs (abandoned)
16/07/94God of Electricity Parts 1,3,4,5,6,7
29/06/94(sequencer practice)
21/06/94The Moon In June (God of Electricity Part 2)
A Minute's Silence
30/03/94Chill Out Zone Titles
29/03/94Chill Out Zone Titles
Upstairs Downstairs
03/02/94Blaze Dispersion
25/01/94(Nothing Worth Keeping)

radio massacre international's sound defies categorization it is more magical than musical. the music is, first and foremost, improvisational. it is loose in structure but also searching. r.m,i. is all about generating the happy accidents that occur at the ever-changing intersection of multiple moving bodies. when two sequences converge fascinating things happen opening rhythmic and textural options that just moments before were closed to view. it is the creation and exploration of those options that dominates what r.m,i. does in its music.