[CD : Released May 2006 : DiN : DiN23]
Septentrional (2006)

A collaborative release on the DiN label and sees a new approach co-ordinated by DiN label boss Ian Boddy. We recorded a series of long improvisations which were handed over to Ian in multitrack form. These were then sifted, extensively edited - often in a non-linear fashion, re-mixed with the addition of synthetic percussion layers on three of the five tracks and finally reassembled by Ian into five new pieces. The result is still definitely an RMI sounding album and captures the feel and spirit of our music but filtered through the sonic excellence listeners have come to expect from this innovative label.
1. The First Cry... (11.03)
2. Seven Sceptres For Sephulcrave (11.41)
3. Trident (11.176)
4. Searching Septrentional Skies (9:418)
5. ...The Last Laugh (12.47)

Special Guests:
Ian Boddy : Additional Synthetic Percussion

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Do Electric Sheep Dream Of Space Rock?

This hour long collage of Radio Massacre International material consists of previously unreleased material from various sessions between 2003-15, and might be seen as their version of `The Faust Tapes' in its construction. Endlessly fascinating, playing as a continuous suite, it is an unpredictable journey through many of the places RMI have found themselves in whilst working and improvising together.

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