The Conspirators
[Download : Released October 2013 : Northern Echo Recordings]
The Conspirators (2013)

1. Hells Bells (Parts 1 & 2) (33.56)
2. Gone West Again (10.26)
3. Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em (16.33)

somewhat of a dark secret in the radio massacre international pantheon, 'conspirators' came about when an ex-bandmate of steve's, max noble popped round one sunday afternoon in 1995. in those days our hq was in London, which meant that manchester-based gary was not always on hand to play. on this occasion, gary's jam-man had been left set up from the previous day's session, so max brought his telecaster & started to learn the lexicon. several cups of tea and ciggies later, we had this.

super-sub max was a founder member of late '80s indie legends "eat", played guitar in "tv eye" alongside steve on drums, & has spent much of his time since then with bristol perennials "the blue aeroplanes".

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Do Electric Sheep Dream Of Space Rock?

This hour long collage of Radio Massacre International material consists of previously unreleased material from various sessions between 2003-15, and might be seen as their version of `The Faust Tapes' in its construction. Endlessly fascinating, playing as a continuous suite, it is an unpredictable journey through many of the places RMI have found themselves in whilst working and improvising together.

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