Chorlton 2013
[Download : Released October 2013 : Northern Echo Recordings]
Chorlton 2013 (2013)

1. It's All About The Talking Guitar Now (48.46)
2. Get Yer Yoy-Yoys Out (13.55)

our concert in april 2013, a return visit to the wonderful church in chorlton, was made available as a 'virtual ticket' recording for those who, by way of geographical location or disinclination, could not be there on the night.

a revisit of the multitrack recording, this is a remixed and tidied up version of our part of the concert, designed to bring out the essence of the performance whilst correcting various technical issues which inevitably arise in a live situation.

we hope you enjoy this version of how it would've ideally sounded on the night.

on the night. on the night. on the night night night.

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Do Electric Sheep Dream Of Space Rock?

This hour long collage of Radio Massacre International material consists of previously unreleased material from various sessions between 2003-15, and might be seen as their version of `The Faust Tapes' in its construction. Endlessly fascinating, playing as a continuous suite, it is an unpredictable journey through many of the places RMI have found themselves in whilst working and improvising together.

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