DAS: Last Wednesday
[Download : Released December 2014: Northern Echo Recordings]
DAS: Last Wednesday (2014)

1. Last Wednesday (21.30)
2. Angular Gyrus (3.11)
3. An Unless To Everything (11.43)
4. XB (3.58)
5. 5 (2.07)

Recorded Easter 1983 in Marske. The innovation this time was the use of the downstairs music room complete with two pianos. The title piece of this album uses a `ground tape' of a two piano/percussion performance by Steve and Duncan, which we initially called 'Jazz In Britain'. (It was at this time that BBC radio had a weekly programme featuring all kinds of weird and wonderful sounds from the likes of Derek Bailey and Company, whose free stylings were a definite influence here).

Keyboard overdubs were made upstairs in Duncan's studio by the trio, with the added novelty of a microphone out of the window picking up birdsong and sounds from the local school. Most of those kids will be nearing 40 by now.

The two longer pieces in the second half were again recorded using piano, bass guitar and Steve's newly acquired Moog Prodigy, which Duncan had already modified to make screams like a pterodactyl.

`XB' is a tribute to the Theakstons brew of the same name, served in the pub literally out the back of Duncan's, and where we would retire for last orders. Happy days.

Add to that a couple of solo pieces (`Angular Gyrus' is Steve's, `5' is Duncan's) and you have a snapshot of what we were up to in early 1983.

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