DAS: The Shuttle Album
[Download : Released July 2015: Northern Echo Recordings]
DAS: The Shuttle Album (2015)

1. On The Pad (21.45)
2. Reheating (12.37)
3. Columbia (11.10)

The music here was recorded as the NASA space shuttle Columbia made its initial journey between April 12-14th 1981, it was our tribute to it, and was initially called `Ra-Ra Shuttle!' by way of encouragement. Joining Duncan and Steve in the studio is Jon Davis on Guitar, Mark Spybey contributes vocals and Jan Mitchell tootles away on Recorder.

Those were the days when instant communication was a thing of the future, so it's quite likely that some of these guests turned up unannounced to find themselves involved in the recording.

Most of the material was recorded on the first day, and on the second day Duncan and Steve made overdubs on the final piece `Columbia'.

The instrumentation is unique for a DAS album, featuring Copicat echo on the very rudimentary borrowed drum kit and on the guitar (you can hear the bump of the tape loop if you listen carefully), and Duncan's custom `one repeat' long delay system, both of which help give the recording a unique atmosphere. All important also is the Roland SH1000, once again borrowed from the Sixth Form College and dragged home with great difficulty....it weighed a ton....

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