City 21: The Sessions
[Download : Released December 2016: Northern Echo Recordings]
City 21: The Sessions (2016)

1. Main Theme (4:54)
2. Building The Pyramids (2:32)
3. Repeater Acoustic (2:12)
4. Wood Steel Glass Concrete 1 (14:03)
5. Arpeggio Chimes (1:51)
6. Drone 2 (7:17)
7. Folk Tune (2:27)
8. Deep Cello (5:52)
9. Saturday 3 (2:28)
10. Wood Steel Glass Concrete 2 (13:17)
11. LMLP (5:10)
12. Wood Steel Glass Concrete Sequencer (11:19)
13. Chubby Chasing DVD Broke The Flat Screen TV (21:35)
14. Saturday 1 (3:16)
15. Wood Steel Glass Concrete Short 1 (1:55)
16. Home Insurance In The Desert (5:09)
17. Wood Steel Glass Concrete Drums (3:54)
18. Drone 1 (14:40)
19. Wood Steel Glass Concrete Keys (7:11)
20. Repeater Acoustic (1:25)
21. Wood Steel Glass Concrete Short 2 (2:52)
22. Repeater Sequencer (2:38)
23. Saturday 2 (2:42)
24. Friday Prelude (31:31)
25. Main Titles (Extended Version) (23:35)
26. CTS (7:28)
27. Wood Steel Glass Concrete (Extended Version) (40:08)
28. End Titles (12:37)

Recorded over an intensive four day period 15-18/02/08, this music represents a consciously different approach to music making for RMI. We had recently been commissioned to write a film score for Chris Zelov and the Knossus Project's City 21 and approached all of the music over that weekend with this project in mind.

It is representative of somewhat of a creative arc for RMI, fresh from the release of Rain Falls In Grey, a successful November 2007 trip to the USA under our belts, with a return visit on the horizon to play NEARfest in the coming May.

Most of the music was later cut to fit specific scenes in the film, and was represented as a single disc selection of highlights on the CD release of 2011. These four discs represent a more thorough exploration of the music made, with extended versions of certain themes as recorded at the time.

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