[download : released january 2018 : northern echo recordings]
mill/unmill (2018)

1. mill IV (31:53)
2. mill II (26:16)
3. mill I (17:01)
4. mill V (26:34)
5. mill III (10:00)
6. unmill II (33:17)
7. unmill I (21:12)
8. unmill IV (56:52)

these recordings were made at the end of 2015 in a new-to-us rehearsal space not far from the old greenhouse, which is sadly no more. presented here are versions of the pieces that have been through extensive editing & remixing ("milled") & also versions that are pretty much what we heard when first playing back the session recordings ("unmilled").

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Do Electric Sheep Dream Of Space Rock?

This hour long collage of Radio Massacre International material consists of previously unreleased material from various sessions between 2003-15, and might be seen as their version of `The Faust Tapes' in its construction. Endlessly fascinating, playing as a continuous suite, it is an unpredictable journey through many of the places RMI have found themselves in whilst working and improvising together.

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