steve dinsdale : das rad (2018)

das rad
CD : Released November 2018 : Discus Music

1. Whatever You Want (4.01)
2. Heisse Rader (2.51)
3. Canterbury Steps (4.42)
4. Boom (5.02)
5. Fernweh 1 (1.04)
6. Return To Schriesheim (5.36)
7. Sehnsucht (5.44)
8. Porto Steps (15.03)
9. Ohrwurm (3.33)
10. Fernweh 2 (1.26)
11. Tenser (6.28)
12. London Steps (10:53)

Nick Robinson: electric and acoustic guitars, loops, electronics
Martin Archer: saxophones, clarinets, flutes, recorders, melodica, keyboards, electronics, synth bass
Steve Dinsdale: electric drums, acoustic percussion, synth

Beautifully recorded and carefully balanced set of compositions mixing driving motorik beats, off-kilter structures and textured abstractions, adding a new and fresh voice to the tradition of creative instrumental rock music.

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radio massacre international's sound defies categorization it is more magical than musical. the music is, first and foremost, improvisational. it is loose in structure but also searching. r.m,i. is all about generating the happy accidents that occur at the ever-changing intersection of multiple moving bodies. when two sequences converge fascinating things happen opening rhythmic and textural options that just moments before were closed to view. it is the creation and exploration of those options that dominates what r.m,i. does in its music.