fast forward (2008)

fast forward
CD - R : Released June 2008 : Northern Echo Recordings

1. Tranche 1 (Been There, Done That / Borrowed Atoms / Planets In The Wires / Antisocial / Bothered Atmos) (13.03)
2. Tranche 2 (Diaboica / Emissaries / Burned & Frozen / Frozen North / The God Of Electricity / E-Live 2003) (14.50)
3. Tranche 3 (Walking On The Sea / A Bridge Too Far / Rain Falls In Grey / Zabriskie Point) (10.07)
4. Tranche 4 (Organ Harvest / Lost In Space / Septentrional / October Gallery Redux / Greenhousing / Startide / Blacker) (18:49)
5. Tranche 5 (Upstairs Downstairs / Knutsford In May / Republic / Maelstrom / Gulf / People Would Really Like Spacerock If They Would Only Give It A Try / Hog Wild / Solid States) (21.45)

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Our prodigious output, around thirty titles in fifteen years, leads inevitably to the "where do we start?" so often fed back to us. Well, now there's an answer. Here are extracts from each of the titles released to date. The selection process was quick & intuition-driven, & often doesn't strictly represent the parent album...but the newcomer can still get a reasonable idea of what to expect, & the seasoned listener can play 'spot the track.' The pieces are segued into new mixes & transitions & are not in release order; we had to take this liberty to ensure a listenable whole.

radio massacre international's sound defies categorization it is more magical than musical. the music is, first and foremost, improvisational. it is loose in structure but also searching. r.m,i. is all about generating the happy accidents that occur at the ever-changing intersection of multiple moving bodies. when two sequences converge fascinating things happen opening rhythmic and textural options that just moments before were closed to view. it is the creation and exploration of those options that dominates what r.m,i. does in its music.