philadelphia air-shot (2008)

philadelphia air-shot
CD - R : Released June 2008 : Northern Echo Recordings

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The set uses "Bettr'r Days" from Rain Falls In Grey as it's starting point, & develops into almost an hour of total improvisation. This is our second set from the studio session of 2007 for WXPN's "Star's End" show. We recorded in front of a small audience at the stations studio, & the pieces aired the following Saturday, by which time we were back in our hotel rooms after perfor.m,i.ng that evening's "Gatherings" concert. The sounds of synthi-AKS swoops from the $10 hotel clock-radios blended with the sirens in the Philly streets to finish the evening off memorably.

radio massacre international's sound defies categorization it is more magical than musical. the music is, first and foremost, improvisational. it is loose in structure but also searching. r.m,i. is all about generating the happy accidents that occur at the ever-changing intersection of multiple moving bodies. when two sequences converge fascinating things happen opening rhythmic and textural options that just moments before were closed to view. it is the creation and exploration of those options that dominates what r.m,i. does in its music.